The Path Of Authentic Self - Weekend Workshop

25-27 May 2018


We would like to invite you to the weekend of Self Exploration. 
To detox your physical, mental and emotional bodies.
To turn on that authentic power that no one can take away from you and

Reconnect with the pure, free self that exists in us all.
Let us nourish you from the inside out!

We’re all looking for FREEDOM! 
But so many of us are stuck in their own mirrors. 
Judgment, blame, doubt, fear and worry become the main loops of attention and for some

Those habits are so basic that they cannot see beyond that field of vision.
We’re inviting you to rewrite your limited perceptions, to free yourself from the doubts and learn to trust the Universe and Your Guidance.

Is it your time?
Life is here in this magical moment and all this is happening for you!

During the weekend we are going to practice:
• Deep breath work to rebirth your new potential self, freeing yourself from old patterns of limitations, victimhood and worry.
• Theta Healing - instant healing and manifestation tools 
• Morning flow yoga with crystals
• Silent and dynamic meditations
• Free flow dance 
• Detox on physical, mental and emotional levels
• Cooking class - cook food when detoxing
• Make you own skin care treatment with ingredients in your kitchen
• Powerful downloads to update your belief system on mental and emotional levels
• Sharing our wisdom and experience with each other 

When you remember who you are in your physical body,
When you understand the relationship you have with yourself and with life itself, 
When your personality serves your soul purpose,
And you know (not just in your mind but very deep in your nature) that

What you are thinking and feeling is exactly what will be revealed in your physical field - 
Then you become the owner of the authentic power that no one can take away from you!

Lin Fleish-Zakhaim is a Theta Healing Instructor, Rebirthing & Dancing Guide,

Meditation Facilitator, Qualified Holistic Life Coach, GAI Therapist.

Lin works with Theta and Alpha brainwaves to co-create and integrate new patterns on physical, mental and emotional levels

To help you become familiar with your own self and live your own authentic path. 
Zehavit Dahan-Alkobi is a Yoga Teacher, Chef, Retreat Cater, Cooking Teacher and Event Organizer.

Founder and creator of The Holistic Local. Love for food, well-being and everything in between.
We’re so excited to put it all together and bring it to you in a safe and supported environment for 10 participants only.

The workshop will be held on 
25-27 of May in a breathtaking beach house in Central Coast!
Includes 2 nights, nourishing meals, breathtaking beach and deep cleansing & rebirthing program.

Twin share, shared bathroom for 3 rooms: Investment $590/early bird $530 per person.

Twin share, own toilet, shared bathroom: Investment $615/ early bird $555 per person.

Private room for two including, King bed with ensuite: Investment $790/early bird $730 per person.

Workshop without the accommodation: Investment $340/ early bird $280 per person.

* Early bird ends on the 29th April

Peace & Joy 
Lin & Zehavit

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