Testimonials :

Dear Lin
I can't express by words the influence of my meetings with you but I am going to try.
First I have to thank you for making a huge change in the way i see myself and treat my soul.
Thank you for being able to contain my complexities, for your ability to read my soul and to treat it in the best way ever.

Thanks to you I know how to use my breath when I am stressed and the most important thing is how to hold my anger and deviate it to a better place. Thank you for giving me hope and lots and lots of LOVE.

Revi K

​I could write many words about Lin's Theta healing sessions how she has got this gift of reading one's soul and how i had this skin condition for over two years even after seeing a few expert doctors it has been there all the time and how it has gone totaly after one session! with Lin. I could write about how the Theta Healing can make major changes for everyone on all levels ...

but instead i would like to say Thank you Lin for who you are and how you have blessed other people's life we are very lucky to have you here ..in this world

Jimmy M

“The Path Of Authentic Self” weekend workshop :

If you are considering purchasing this for yourself or as a gift please don’t hesitate you will not be disappointed 
I went to the last workshop and it definitely changed my life forever 
I am a very shy person who suffers social anxiety while I would have never thought I could have ever attended something inside me said go and I’m so glad I did 
It has something that will reach the soul of everyone 
I will treasure this workshop forever
Bec R 

Dear Lin and Zehavit,
Thank you very much for a wonderful weekend retreat away in one of the most spectacular

and reclusive beach in the central coast.
Everything was planned so well, the content of the workshop was exhilarating...

the yoga classes were nourishing.. the food was indulgent.. the ocean was healing and with it came

a wonderful rebirthing experience... the group of participants nurtured one another and it was just a beautiful experience

which I would love to have again..
Thank you for facilitating this fabulous workshop..
Much love ❤ 🙏🏼🌟
Hagit A

I attended the previous weekend and it was a wonderful getaway, beautiful specious house, amazing location.

The workshop was well planned, food was healthy and delicious! 
Lin and Zee are great facilitators and the content was great! 
Highly recommended to recharge your body, soul and mind. 
Thank you girls!

Galit M

Rebirthing & Dancing class

Just wanted to say that I really felt great after the workshop last week. I released a lot of tension and I just felt much more relaxed and much more energized.  Looking forward to the next one x 

Iris T

I really found Thursday's session beneficial. Experiencing the power of breath and then releasing with dance movement is a great combination and I look forward to doing it again. Thank you 🙏❤️

Etty A

Theta Healing practitioner

​Firstly, a very big thank you for the amazing workshop and giving us your love & dedication.​

In the last few weeks it's been very noticeable that the results have been  manifesting themselves & other then on myself  I have already practiced on my son Lion who had bad thoughts about being kidnapped at night & did wonders :)


Orit W

​Words cant express enough what an amazing course this is, and how everyone should do it.

I defiantly learned a lot and have felt great since.

I truly believe that this is the answer to a better world and a better you, my family is happy, my cat is happy

and even my garden became lush green as opposed to yellow dry and fruitless.

Very recommended.

Thanks Lin and Sharon for a wonderful experience.

Ayelet F

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