Between Your Self, Mind and Emotion

In order to live in Peace, Love and Harmony with ourselves and all others 

We must resolve the inner conflict that exists between our Mind and Emotion.

Listen to your mind and you can hear your parents/ immediate family/ cultural roots,

ideas & opinions that even now create resistance within you.
You try to silence these voices... 
You know, it’s not necessary to criticise yourself or people that you love,

being worry or in fear as these voices are telling you.
But ... You react automatically. You cannot find your inner peace. 

The lack of inner balance manifests itself in physical illness, 
eating disorder, alcoholism, chain-smoking 
In addition to developing low self esteem, anger, frustration, restlessness, 
depression, despair and anxiety

Our goal is to connect between Mind and Emotion in order to create inner peace.

The recognition of the inner voices is surprisingly simple

and the inner conversation (the conflict) becomes clear. 

This separation and awareness helps us recognize the True Self –

Attaining New Inner Leadership, instead of being led by old ideas that belong to your parents.

This is an opportunity to remove inner and outer conflict,
Allowing you to fully accept yourself and others from a space of true peace and love.

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