Meditation for Inner Peace - Mastery in Your Life

Living in Peace, Love and Harmony,
When You Consciously Manifest Your Reality through Intention
Your Become a Master of Your Own Destiny

Life is like stepping a boat that is about to sail out to sea, everything around us is in flux.

As human beings we share a tendency to scramble for certainty,

especially when we’re going through difficult times.

We are trying to find solid ground, something predictable and safe,

what brings stress, fears and anxiety. The ground is always shifting. 

Nothing last, including us..


So we grab at pleasure and try to avoid pain, but despite our efforts

we are always alternating between the two.

At times that we feel good, healthy and wealthy all is well.

Then it changes and we are hit with physical pain, mental or emotional struggling.

Our discomfort arises and we get all our efforts to put ground under our feet.

Our mind jumps between fears, regrets, resistance to the flow

and we're expecting the outcome, the one that our mind is ready to accept as a victory –

the good end of the story.

It’s our resistance to the fundamental uncertainty of our situation;

resistance of impermanence, lack of control brings all our suffering.

Too many of us are not living our dreams,

afraid to lose what we already have, afraid to be less than .. not like .. not enough ..

living the fears.


But when we can embrace the groundlessness,

accepting our foundation that everything constantly changes,

completely letting go and not struggling against it;

We can relax into dynamic quality, awakening to our true nature.


Meditation is one of the greatest tools we have to stay connected to our truth - no matter what happens. It’s guidance to a deep exploration of our nature as human beings

and the universal laws that create all of the opportunities, relationships, abundance

and other circumstances of our lives.


There is true freedom in feeling secure, grounded in yourself

and create your destiny through your own thoughts, emotions and the universal laws.


"Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.

  It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

- Albert Einstein

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