Trinity Meditation & Yoga

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The ancient Yoga & Meditation have been proven for centuries

as a way to treat a wide range of physical, mental and emotional health problems.


Meditation for inner peace

Yoga For Women

Theta Yoga

Hatha Yoga


In our Yoga classes at Trinity we work in depth on the dynamics between body, mind and emotion

in order to develop physical and mental flexibility in our life,

 balancing the nervous system, relaxing and strengthening the body,

cardiovascular and immune system

and improve the general well-being altogether.

We conduct Yoga classes  in various difficulty levels       

private sessions, yoga for couples or for the whole family.


Our Meditation sessions/workshops are suitable for everyone who is looking to reduce stress and anxiety,

improve concentration and mental clarity and find your inner peace.

This is a comprehensive, non-religious curriculum of mindfulness meditation techniques for use on your daily life.


Beginner & General practitioners welcome


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