​Trinity Therapy provides various techniques

to find your Mental – Emotional balance

and to connect with your true self for a healthier and happier life.​​


Ask yourself : Do I Love Myself?  Do I accept Myself? Do I hard on myself?  Do I criticize Myself? Do I forgive Myself?  Do I appreciate Myself?
Do You?

At some point in our fast, demanding, stressful life the mind decides to take control and to restrict the feeling.

Albert Einstein said :
"The intuitive mind(emotional) is a sacred gift and the rational mind(mental) is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. "

The lack of inner balance manifests itself in physical illness, eating disorder, alcoholism, chain-smoking

and develops low self esteem, anger, frustration, restlessness, depression, despair and anxiety. 
Our goal is to connect between mind and emotion in order to create new, peaceful inner relationship.

Allow yourself to go through a deep and brave process and discover the enormous potential that exists within you!

With tools that will help you stay connected to it on your daily life - for a free and healthy existence. 

Lin Fleish-Zakhaim

Meditation Facilitator

Qualified Holistic Life Coach

ThetaHealing® Instructor

Guided Affective Imagery Therapist

Bach Flower Therapist

Yoga Instructor

 Lin was born in 1975 and grew up in a traditional Russian family with values of strict education,

hard work and seeking for success.

She studied 'Computer Science and Management' and found a job in the Hi- tech industry

with rewarding salary and a brand new car. Actually she felt she was in golden cage- her comfort zone.


But the lack of excitement and real joy began to show its signs.

Very soon she found herself going through a bitter divorce

and right after that she was diagnosed with cancer.

Those big incidents were her warning signs. The "comfort zone" disappeared...


At this point her journey of seeking healing, inner peace and happiness began.

During her journey she started her studies about the connection between Mind-Body-Emotion.

There she met a Healer who helped her go through those challenges

and who later taught her the wonders of Healing :


It wasn’t easy for a rational person like Lin to understand the magic of healing,

something so impossible to rationalize, but the crisis pushed her to continue to learn and explore.

Lin continued with her studies of Guided Affective Imagery Therapy (GIA), which works with subconscious mind in Alfa state of mind, then she studied Holistic Life Coaching at Reidman college :

During her self-work and the work with her clients she found her inner harmony.

In addition, she met the spiritual teacher Zen Master Nissim Amon, the founder of Trilotherapy method-

a technique that helps us understand our inner world - Our mind, Our emotion and Our True Self.


Few years later, Lin found another beautiful technique - Theta Healing

The method based on quantum physics and Theta state of mind which helps go deeper inside ourselves, change limiting beliefs that do not serve us anymore


which transfer our life and healing on physical, mental and emotional levels.


The desire to learn more about the strong connection between our emotional/mental state

and our physical body is what led her to an ashram in the Bahamas, where she learned the ancient philosophy of Yoga and Meditation.



Today, Lin uses her rich experience and combines the various techniques to reach Theta and Alpha brainwaves

to co-create and integrate new patterns on physical, mental and emotional levels

in order to become familiar with yourself, change the beliefs that limit you to achieve your dreams, 

help you to reach inner peace and clarity, and live your own authentic path. 

Daphne is a holistic therapist and yoga and meditation teacher with over 16 years experience.

She has a Masters in Psychotherapy and is also an Ayurvedic practitioner.

Daphne works in private practice and runs workshops on yoga,

women’s health, fertility and spiritual growth.

In her classes Daphne combines classical postures, breathing techniques, and meditation

to create a strong physical practice with a deep spiritual emphasis. Emerge cleansed, relaxed and blissful.



Daphne Ravey

Olga Aitchison

ThetaHealing® Instructor

EFT Practitioner

Certified Angel Intuitive Practitioner

Certified Reiki I & II Level Practitioner

The Law of Attraction Practitioner

Slovak born and the youngest of 4 daughters,

Olga has always been curious about life beyond the horizon.

Her desire to travel and see the world led her to visiting several countries before falling in love with Australia where she met her Australian husband John.

Believing a healthy life stems from a healthy mind and body, always inquisitive Olga sought out how to enhance her understanding about living a happy & healthy life to the fullest.


This new personal journey of discovery started over 8 years ago and has revealed several of the secrets of how to live a more fulfilling, personally satisfying and exciting life.

These secrets are, in most cases, hiding in ‘plain sight’ - they are plainly visible but you have to be ready for them before you can see them.

Having experienced the life changing benefits first hand,

Olga discovered within herself a strong desire to share these riches with those who want or choose to improve their lives. Being true to herself, Olga became the student of several different healing modalities courses in addition to reading a large quantity of books and listening to many lectures and audio presentations.


8 years forward Olga is an enthusiastic & energetic healer practising in multiple modalities,

empowering others to reclaim their lives and happiness with the tools most appropriate

to the individual’s needs  - she is a undoubtedly a Happiness Mechanic !!

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